The foundation of any high school curriculum, Algebra is my most frequently taught content. From remedial Algebra to an Honors Algebra II to the skills needed in Pre-Calculus or Stats, my attempts to make Algebra accessible to my students are ever changing. 


These resources can be easily adapted to be simpler or more challenging. 


My content aligns to Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Teaching in an urban district, the truth is I don’t always get to cover everything and often have to do a great deal of scaffolding to move my students toward the topics. You might only see “power standards” appearing in my resources. 

Problem solving is the heart of mathematics if not mathematics itself. This simple concept is why I continue to use Project and Problems based learning even after leaving an official Project Based Learning School. Allowing students struggle time and hands on experiences is at the core of my approach. 

“Mathematics is not a spectator sport”

George Polya