Financial Algebra

I started teaching personal finance in my first year and by my second year I was asked to teach a year long-elective. Due to budget constraints, I was not able to continue teaching the course, but I had developed a cache of useful lessons that I could embed in future Algebra courses. 


These resources are the most in demand.


In an elective you of course have more freedom but you can still teach personal finance in an Algebra or other math course while applying state standards. The two most common units to authentically bring in finances are

  • Linear Functions & Equations
  • Exponential Functions & Equations

Statistics and Probability offer different opportunities. The majority of my resources, right now, apply to an algebraic approach.

“It’s powerfully important that our kids get an education in personal finance. Both from their families and in school. And that is especially important as more young people must take on huge debt loads to go to college.”

Elizabeth Warren, US Senator

Finance is the perfect application of maths.

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