Help students manage group work with the FRISK protocol

I don’t actually know who first created this protocol, otherwise I would give them credit. My mentor teacher passed this along to me and I have used it often in projects with students. I link a google doc of this in to Group Contracts that students fill out at the start of a project. 


Directions:  The goal of a FRISK letter is to get the teammate back on track, not to punish her or him.  


However, it is a necessary step to take if the possibility of firing of the teammate exists. 

Use the format provided below, but use your own words.

Email the letter to EVERY teammate AND FACILITATOR using school gmail!

The facilitators will discuss the email and decide on next steps for your group.


Dear (fill in the name of your teammate),

F (Facts) 

Explain what the teammate has done that is a problem.  BE SPECIFIC and OBJECTIVE.

Example – “You did not complete your work last night.


R (Rule)

Explain what SHOULD have happened.

Example – “You are expected to complete your work each night, according to our contract.”


I (Impact)

What effect has this problem had on the team?

Example – “Because you did not complete your work last night, we cannot practice our presentation.”


S (Suggestions)

What do you want the teammate to do, by when, and what will the next step be?

Example – We need you to complete last night’s assignment today, or we will give you a letter of warning.


K (Knowledge)

Tell the teammate she or he may respond to this communication.

Example – You have the right to submit a response to this letter to your teammates and teachers.



(Fill in your name)


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Help students manage group work with the FRISK protocol